Spam is a big problem for all legitimate email marketers. It accounts for approximately 80% of all emails sent.

Email clients (Hotmail, Outlook etc) do everything they can to guard their precious customers against receiving it. What’s more, consumers are becoming more savvy with the old “Mark as junk” button, and don’t hesitate to use it. That means we have to do everything we can to ensure your emails are;

a)   trusted by clients to get through filters

b)   warmly received by recipients

Measures we take:

Good reputation in all senses of the word

We have a respectable reputation with email clients.  An email service provider sends emails from their own email marketing dedicated servers (that are specifically set up to send 1000s of emails at once) on behalf of the client (even though it appears to come from you). There are a few technical reasons why this helps with delivery but it essentially comes back to being recognised as legitimate email marketers, which means we have more chance in getting through filters.

Further to this, we supply you with email authentication codes for your records that tell email clients we are sending email on your behalf.  This means you can automatically bypass certain filters, again improving your chance of delivery.

Automatic unsubscribes

Duplicate email addresses are removed automatically from your lists at the time of upload/ send. Our single click unsubscribe link is also compliant on every single email we send. All unsubscribes are automatically added to a suppression list, along with non existent addresses. Meaning they will never be emailed again. This keeps your send costs down, your lists clean and of course, most importantly, the ISPs happy.

Feedback loops

Through a direct feedback loop with major email clients like AOL and Hotmail, we can automatically detect if any of your recipients flag your campaign as spam.  This means they hit the “Report SPAM” or “Mark as Junk”.

When a recipient of your campaign clicks the “Report SPAM” button, 2 things happen:

  • The recipient who made the spam complaint is immediately unsubscribed. This means you will no longer be able to send any campaigns to that individual.
  • The complaint is recorded in your reports for that campaign

Data collection

We take data very seriously and require all of our customers to confirm the source of their data to be legitimately gathered when they upload it.

We also advise on data collection and building quality data lists.  Remember too, its better to have a small list of engaged subscribers, to which you send relevant content, than a huge list of “harvested” email addresses of people who are not interested.

By establishing a good reputation and relationships with your recipients, your emails will automatically have a better chance of being delivered.

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