When to send email marketing

A common question we face here at MailAway is: ‘When should I be sending this email campaign?’. Although the question seems simple, in practice the answer is actually quite complex.

If you were to type this query into Google you’ll find hundreds of sources from around the world all suggesting different times and/or days as to when email marketing is more effective.

With so much information on hand it’s almost impossible to show tangible times without being proven wrong elsewhere. So without taking these into consideration, what logical times should you be considering and how you can find your sweet spot?

When, over the course of a month?

When looking to plan email campaigns into your marketing calendar there are the defined key times worth considering…

Whether you’re aiming to hit your database on pay day, coincide your email with an annual event such as Black Friday, or even a school half term – it’s worth planning this far in advance with a carefully crafted message which is relevant at these key times.

Which day of the week?

There’s conflicting research suggesting that weekends are a good time to send an email campaign but there is the general agreement that Monday is a bad time to send an email campaign (for some industries).

Regardless of the research the proposition has to be at the front of your mind when scheduling your email campaign; put yourself in the position of the recipient and imagine receiving your email at certain times of the week.

Will the recipient be able to act on your message?

For example: say you are running sale in store. Will your email recipients be able to get to your store if the email is sent on Wednesday and your database demographic is most likely to be at work in the week? In this instance maybe consider moving this email to Friday.

If you’re aiming to promote a last minute weekend break, then sending this email first thing on a Monday morning may be a little early; consider bringing this forward to Thursday so it’s more front of mind, but also gives enough notice to decide. This then poses the question, when on Thursday?

What time of the day?

Again, research conflicts as to when the best time of day to send..

The deciding factor for when in the day an email should be sent is what device it’s being viewed on. Mobile gives a greater chance of an open first thing in the morning and evenings (think of commuters on the train), whereas desktop users are more likely to be opening email during working hours with the peak being lunchtime (1pm).

Put it to the test…

With so much research all pointing to different conclusions, we suggest taking testing into your own hands. MailAway has the functionality to run A/B split tests on subject lines, from name or the email content. These are all useful to scientifically hone your tone or content to increase open, click through and hopefully, conversions.

For more information how to make the most of your testing, checkout our A/B split test article.



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