Think about the last great sales email you received.

The one that caught your attention and had you opening it immediately. Was it on your desktop, or your mobile?

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This January, WeAreSocial reported an overall mobile web traffic share of 33.4%, a substantial increase from previous years.

The ever-growing popularity of smartphones means that customer behaviour has changed dramatically, with mobile browsers frequently used to research products, services and review sites, as well as carry out purchases.

As consumers, the way we interact with businesses has evolved to be instantaneous, responsive and in the palm of our hands. The mobile revolution is in full swing.

What is the impact on email marketing?

Looking back over a year’s worth of statistics, Litmus reported that 53% of emails were opened on a mobile device in 2014, with opens in Outlook decreasing by 33%. In huge contrast, in 2011 mobile opens stood at just 8%.

According to Christopher Ratcliff at Econsultancy, mobile optimisation is ‘a must for all email marketers’, and looking at how email opens have progressed, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

The benefits of mobile optimisation

A mobile optimised email will respond to the size of the screen it is opened on, be it a mobile or tablet device, displaying more effectively and providing a better user experience. An email that has not been mobile optimised will often appear cut-off or difficult to read.

Mobile browsing has reached a tipping point, with numerous reports detailing higher volumes of mobile users than desktop users. It’s now the business’ responsibility to ensure that their digital channels are up to date and easy to navigate in order to increase conversions.

How does this affect my business?

The percentage of subscribers that open your emails on a mobile device will vary according to your target market, but there’s no denying that mobile usage across industries is on the up. This is where it pays to look at the stats.

MailAway users can utilise the reporting area of their account to see how their subscribers are viewing their campaigns. To see these stats, within a campaign report select Email Client Usage from the menu on the right-hand side of the page.

Here, you’ll be able to see what the most popular email clients and devices were for opening your campaign.

Email Client Usage reporting in MailAway

This screenshot shows a clear majority. With over 50% of opens taking place on smaller screens, this MailAway user would benefit from a mobile optimised template.

Take a look at your reports today and see how your campaigns are being viewed.

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