It’s one thing to have a great reporting system (like MailAway) but it’s something completely different to fully understand it.

Here we’ve outlined some of the most important reports you should be monitoring and what it all means to your campaigns, keeping you on the path to success, time after time.

Email marketing software offers some of the most comprehensive online reporting. They contain a number of important terms which explain the most recent results for each campaign you send, these are sent, bounced, delivered, opened, clicked and unsubscribed.  Some systems, including MailAway have extra metics such as marked as spam, forward to a friend and email client usage.

A guide to your results

Benchmarks for some of the above metics have been established, as below. You should aim to achieve these results as a minimum in each of your campaigns.

  • Opened/Read (of delivered):  15%-30%
  • Clicks (of opened): 20% – 50%
  • Unsubscribes (of delivered): <0.2%
  • Bounced (of sent): <10%

Note that opens/read seems quite low to some, this is because the nature in which people read emails mean often they are not opened, and at times although opened, it can not be recorded as such by email software.

A few days after your campaign has been sent you’ll be able to properly review it, analyse the results and decide what lessons can be learned and applied to future activity.  As an indication:

  • Low sent % – issues with data quality e.g duplicates
  • High bounce % – issues with data entry/age of data
  • Low open % – quality of content and relevance
  • Low click % – layout and quality of offer
  • Unsubscribes – expected initially – later on an early warning your emails don’t add value – look at content and frequency before you lose your list!

Remember this is a guide only and each industry and list vary in their performance.

And the bigger picture

Email marketing software will track the performance of a campaign from an email perspective but where possible it is important to integrate other reporting methods to ensure you see your campaigns in relation to other aspects of your business.

  • Link in to analytical sales tracking software
  • Use Google Analytics: its widely used, free and integrates seamlessly with MailAway so you can see exactly what proportion of your visitors have come from the email.  If you have ecommerce it can also put a monetary value on your email campaigns.


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