With email marketing being a standout performer in the digital marketing arena, it’s remiss not to utilise it when you have an upcoming event.

As we are sponsoring Cornwall Macmillan Christmas Fair for the third consecutive year, we’ve put together our top five event email marketing tips to help you get the most ROI on your events.


1. Invite a Relevant Database

Stock? ✓ Leaflets printed? ✓ Point of sale? ✓ Invites…?

We all know that event attendance can take a lot of time and effort to put together; so there’s huge emphasis on ensuring you’re getting a return of this investment.

One great way to reap rewards and also get some valued face-time with those already engaged with your brand would be to invite people on your existing database. By sending an Invite Email you’re able to tap into one of your key stakeholders with relative ease.

2. The Value Proposition

Incentivising your emails with event-exclusive discounts or promotions can further encourage your existing database to come visit.

Proof of discount can be as simple as producing a physical or digital copy of the email or quoting a specific offer code like EVENTNAME2016 on purchase to receive a special discount. Just be sure to include robust terms and conditions so potential buyers don’t take advantage of your generosity.

By keeping a list of who received the email you should easily be able to tick off everyone who visits your stand and uses the offer code.

3. Relevance Through Segmentation

Be sure to segment your data; your event may not be of interest to those of a certain distance away or abroad, so be sure to look at the type of data you hold and only include those who have a local postcode, or relevant county to the send.

This not only keeps your messaging relevant it also helps to reduce your costs down by cutting out people who may feel the email is irrelevant.

4. Collecting Leads/Data

Events are also a fantastic opportunity for businesses to pick up new leads and increase database and strength. By providing a simple prize draw metric whereby entry requires an email address – this doesn’t take up too much time for you or the prospective customer.

By utilising displays to indicate that there’s an opportunity to win a prize draw and you should see people naturally making their way over to you.

If you have the opportunity to collect data through an iPad or other device, then data collection is even easier – you can even link with an autoresponder to thank people for entering and introducing them to your emails.

5. Don’t Forget to Show Appreciation

Be sure to thank everyone for entering post-event and follow up by confirming whether they have won your prize draw or not. If they weren’t successful, then this is the perfect opportunity to open conversation about products on offer, especially on the run up to Christmas.

If you have an event coming up and would like to chat about how email marketing could benefit you, why not get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help – email us on support@mail-away.co.uk and ask away!


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