A/B split testing is an easy way of finding out what gets your subscribers engaging with your campaigns.

A/B testing can be used to determine whether your customers prefer one design style over another, or a friendlier tone of voice rather than a more serious approach. You can test subject lines, from addresses, even the content of your email. What’s more, you can test every time you send a campaign.

And the best part is, it’s simple to set up!

How does it work?

A/B testing allows you to send two variations of the same campaign to a small percentage of your chosen recipients. One half of this test group receives version A, and the other version B. The version that performs better, i.e. gets more opens or clicks, is deemed the winner and goes out to the remainder of recipients.

Once the split test is underway, you won’t be able to change your campaign, so be sure to test out your email thoroughly and correct any errors before you start.

What types of A/B split tests can I do?

With MailAway you can test your subject line, from name, and email content.

MailAway A:B split testing

Variations of A/B split tests in MailAway

Subject line

Testing your subject line is a great way to find out what is more likely to get your subscribers to open your campaigns.

With this test, you simply write two different subject lines, but keep everything else the same.

You could try testing:

  • subject lines based on two different stories in your campaign, to see which is more interesting to your customers
  • two different offers or promotions
  • an incentive to open vs a teaser of campaign content.
MailAway A:B subject lines

Example of the MailAway A/B split test area

From name

Your subscribers will be receiving a large volume of emails each day, so it’s important to help them to recognise your campaigns by including a from name.

An A/B split test can be used to find out whether your subscribers respond better to the name of your company or an individual. MailAway users can also test the from address in this test.

You can also test to see if personalisation increases your open rates, but to use this feature you must ensure you have the names of all your subscribers correctly stored.

Email content

This test can be used to determined what kind of content will obtain the most clicks. You can make smaller changes to your email, or send something entirely different to find out which performs better.

Try changing headings, images, calls to action and length of copy, or the overall appearance of your campaign.

Measure the results

No one’s subscribers are identical, and your customers will engage differently with your email marketing campaigns than with anyone else’s.

Continually testing your campaigns means that you’ll always be improving them, in turn improving engagement with your subscribers. Keep track of the results as you go, test as many campaigns as you can and you’ll find out what really makes your subscribers tick.

Need help with setting up an A/B split test using your MailAway account? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

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