With Christmas celebrations at an end and temperatures low across the UK, for many the start of a new year means it is time to look forward to summer 2017.

After all, what better way to escape the Winter Blues than with a summer holiday booking?

You’ll probably have spotted many major tour operators, airlines and travel agents advertising reduced prices and deals. This is because January continues to be “by far the biggest month in the year for holiday bookings” (Nick Trend, Telegraph).

In recent years, following on from the financial crisis in 2008, the UK tourism industry has seen continuous growth. Domestic tourism has grown significantly, with revenue increasing by 11% to £78bn over the last three years alone (Tourism Alliance), and in 2014, research by Travelodge suggested that 74% of Britons would be taking holidays right here in the UK.

Revenue from inbound tourism has increased by almost 30% since 2008 – meaning that the tourism industry is now the UK’s fifth largest export earner, generating £24bn per annum for the UK economy.

– Tourism Alliance, UK Tourism Statistics 2014

What should you include in your email?

If you haven’t already planned your January campaign for your travel sector business, now is the time. Populating your MailAway template with content is quick and simple, so all you need to focus on is your message.

  • Consider sharing an offer. This could be an offer exclusive to subscribers, or one that is available to everyone. People booking their holidays are always on the lookout for the best deal
  • Include high quality photography. It won’t just make your campaign look professional, but your business too. Try websites like Shutterstock and ThinkStock if you don’t have professional photography of your own
  • Sell the experience. Experience marketing paints a picture of how your business can make the customer feel, rather than just the product itself. A great way to do this is to use descriptive language to demonstrate what the customer can experience if they book with you

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