Many seem to think that an email is only about offering a newsletter. True, this is one of the most popular forms of email strategy, however, there are a host of other uses and reasons for adopting email.

Gain sales

Making money is essentually the goal of any marketing effort.  Email has been proven to create direct sales by driving traffic straight to a website.  Using email for sales depends on a few factors including your product offering, ability to give good offers and discounts and your website functionality.

Improve relationships and build brand

It costs a whole lot more to attract new customers than it does to retain your current ones.  So, it’s important to keep your brand at the forefront of someone’s mind to ensure they come back to you time and time again. What’s more, you can be pretty sure, if you’re not talking to your past customers, your competitors will be.  So, whether it be to establish, maintain or improve relationships, communicating with your customers becomes that little bit easier with email.

Customer intelligence

Because of its highly measurable nature, email marketing gives you the opportunity to analyse customer feedback; seeing which offers and products individual customers are interested in from every single campaign.  This gives you increased ability to offer your customers just what they want.

Sharing news and expertise

Expert in what you do? Email can put your piece of expertise right in front of those who matter… well in their inbox anyway.  Building your creditability and their trust in your ability.

Special offers

Your hotel has rooms to fill this weekend – send them an email.  Massive end of season summer sale – send them an email… discounts and offers work so well on email so utilise it.

Managing events

Email is the perfect accompliment to event management.  Whether it to be sending invites, asking for registration, promoting content or asking for feedback once it has past. Being immediate and interactive allows you to get the feedback you want, when you want it.

Gain ROI

Unlike other marketing tactics, email is amazing at monitor results and ROI, making it easier to plan and set budgets, so if all your looking for is justification of spend it’s your perfect option.

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