Social media is becoming an increasingly important channel for businesses to communicate with their customers, whether its for B2B or B2C communications

We’ve put together a short guide to integrating email marketing and social media communications. Including a bit of strategy and some quick fixes, we hope you find it useful…


Planning any business activity is crucial to its success, particularly as it’s rather difficult to measure results unless you know what you want to achieve in the first place.  Creating a strategy for email and Social Media is therefore treated in much the same way.

  • Look at your business aims and objectives, how does email and Social Media fit into this? How can using them help achieve the business goals?
  • Decide what you want to achieve and work out how you can measure its performance
  • Research your customers, figure out where they go online and get yourself in front of them – if they are not on Facebook is it really worth your time and resources being there?
  • Acknowledge your resource capacity, time and cost allocation, doing this will ensure your plan can remain sustainable
  • Create a plan of action including a time frame


It is useful to create a schedule of what you need to talk about – for example,  this could be based around key buying times or events in the calendar. Slap it on a big wall chart if it helps, but knowing what you’re talking about in advance can make the whole task that much easier, particularly when it comes down to writing content for different online channels.

Decide on your tone of voice, this is one area where integration is really important for the brand. Use the same tone and approach for all elements of the online communications plan and encourage other members of staff to communicate accordingly.


  • Post a web page version of your email campaign on social media sites
  • Run incentives or competitions from Social Media to encourage “sign up to enews” for data collection
  • Add Social Media links to your email template
  • If you have one, include a link to your company blog or a link to “Most read articles” from the blog
  • Consider including some ‘Tweets’ in your newsletter
  • Link to review sites –  endorsement from peers is an extremely powerful sales tool
  • Surveys can create impressive interaction with Social Media – for example, ask a question in an email and post replies using Social Media


Many email marketing rules also apply to social media, so remember:

  • Give people what they want and they’ll do the selling for you!
  • Offer value and relevance to the recipient
  • Measure responses and aim for continual improvement
  • Finally, Social Media is a conversation, allow and encourage interaction

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