Don’t leave subject lines as an afterthought

Inboxes are a crowded space, scanned by recipients for engaging content, this makes subject lines of great importance when getting your email opened and read.

We’ve put together a few simple ideas for your subject line creation below to help you stand out from the inbox crowd.

The first 2-3 words are the most important, utilise them!

Subject lines need to contain an offer, question or intriguing teaser word, for example;

  • The offer: Short, sharp, to the point offer, preferably with a time limit included.  Guaranteed winner (But use in moderation or you risk diluting your brand)

20% off Everything for 20 hours only’

  • The teaser: Designed to intrigue, often using questions

‘5 things you must do this month’

  • The question: Humans have a subconscious desire to answer questions, if you ask one, they will naturally want to open the email in order to answer it.  Questions should work on the needs or problems of your customers.

‘Need new marketing ideas?’

Tying a subject line to an event can also help along with making it humorous.

Keep it to no more than 30 characters or you risk some of the offer not being displayed.

Plan subject lines when you plan the rest of your email content.

Your first article/story should reflect what the subject line is about, recipients will not be impressed if they have to trawl through the whole email to find the illusive 20% off promotion that made them open the email in the first place.

If your database is big enough, why not try some A/B splits on subject lines to see which are found more engaging by your recipients?  An A/B split involves sending a sample campaign to a portion of your database with two subject lines, one to each half and then sending to the remainder of the database using the subject line that performs best.

And finally

Remember that subject lines only aid in getting recipients to open your email, its true effectiveness will lie in the content and relevance once opened.

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