The telltale signs are there. The weather is cooler, nights are getting darker and shop displays are changing. Christmas is well on the way.

If you haven’t started your Christmas email marketing push yet, then it’s not too late, but time is of the essence. Get more sales from your Christmas email marketing campaigns with our top four tips.

1. Think mobile

Here at MailAway we’re on the pulse of industry changes and over recent years we have seen the average number of email opens on mobile go from virtually nothing, to over 60%.

Mobile has well and truly overtaken desktop in terms of engagement and this trend is expected to continue as mobile internet speed improves further and signal areas increase.

It’s now more important than ever that your template is mobile-friendly… So, how do your email campaigns look on your phone? If you feel your template needs a bit of a refresh, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

2. Santa can’t ignore 30% off…

OK, it’s highly doubtful that the big man needs to worry about offers, but your subscribers will be looking out for special offers amongst the Christmas-related email marketing.

Three great promotions to use over the festive period:

  • For retailers, product discounts, free shipping and cash back on purchases can really boost sales
  • Those in the hospitality industry could spread some cheer with a complimentary bottle of Champagne on arrival, or a voucher for a pre-dinner cocktail, for example
  • And if you offer a service, a waivered call out charge goes a long way

How you can deliver these messages without coming across as too pushy is wrapped up in our fourth point.

3. Give them something to open before Christmas

Unlike presents, you definitely want your email campaigns opened well before Christmas Day and a killer subject line is one of the main tools you have at your disposal to get subscribers opening yours.

With Christmas being a key selling time for many retailers and those in the hospitality industry, ensuring your email stands out from the crowd is now more important than ever.

But how do you write the perfect festive subject line?

Under the wrapping paper…

Don’t be scared to tell recipients what to expect in their email. If there’s a special offer or deal, nod to it in your subject line and you’ll see your open rate increase.

Here’s how you can do this without much fuss:

  • We’re sharing the joy with 25% off this weekend only!
  • Last day of Christmas discounts – ends at midnight

In these two examples, not only do these add the festive element, there’s a promotional message and a clear time frame. All vital for Christmas emails.

“Has he been yet?”

Using questions in your subject line can intrigue subscribers into opening. Something similar to, “Are you ready to get the perfect present?” or “How will you use your 30% off Christmas offer?”, both cover the Christmas and promotional angles in one.

Add some magic!

When sending your Christmas campaigns, don’t shy away from having some festive fun. There’s lots of ways to choose from, such as:

  • Christmas puns, “The 12 deals of Christmas”
  • Advent calendars, a 24 day countdown of products/offers from the 1st December
  • Seasonal emojis: ? ❄️ ??

4. As subtle as snow

Resist the temptation to flood subscribers’ inboxes with multiple emails whenever possible.

The trick is to mix your promotional messaging within value added content, some examples of this include:

Value Added Content

Tips and how-tos are great ways of subtly promoting a product or service without being overbearing in the messaging.

Simple content ideas include festive recipes, decoration demonstrations or seasonal infographics – all tying in your promotions into Christmas where possible.

Simplified shopping

By categorising your products into easy to navigate landing pages and linking via your email marketing, potential buyers are served relevant products for their needs, and are more likely to go ahead with a purchase.

You could try:

  • Gender related, ‘Gifts for men/women’
  • Price points, ‘Gifts under £10’
  • Travel related, ‘Rooms under £99pp’
  • Emotional, ‘Humorous presents’
  • Specific, ‘Secret santa gifts’

Final point

The aim of this article is to help you get the most out of your email marketing in the run up to Christmas, but it doesn’t stop there.

If you’re in need of a few extra pointers for your Christmas email marketing or you have any questions, then please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

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